OAP Freeze supports abortion for lady raped by armed robbers, says “you own your body, not the church”

OAP Freeze supports abortion for lady raped by armed robbers, says "you own your body, not the church"

The story of a lady raped by armed robbers who got pregnant and now wants an abortion but has been denied that by her church and parents (read here), has led to a debate on social media.

Opinions are really divided on whether an abortion is the right choice or if she should keep the innocent baby.


OAP Daddy Freeze has now weighed in on the situation, and according to him, the girl reserves the right to have an abortion and shouldn’t be influenced by her family or church.

Sharing the victim’s story, Freeze wrote:

Listen Guys, you own your body, not the church and not your parents, you own it!

This woman and any woman in a similar situation has the right to an abortion! ~FRZ

A follower called Freeze out for supporting abortion and said he has lost his respect for the OAP for supporting such. But Freeze slammed the follower, writing:

@bro_temi please lose the respect, I don’t need respect from your kind. She should have an abortion it’s the right thing to do!

OAP Freeze supports abortion for lady raped by armed robbers, says "you own your body, not the church"

I Have Started My Breasts Growing Procedure – Bobrisky

Nigerian male cross-dresser, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, has revealed in a new interview on why he prefers to dress as a woman and he also opened up on the breast growing procedure he just started.

Speaking in an interview on Broadway TV, the male barbie said he settles for female dresses for entertainment.

He also mentioned that reason why he decided to develop his breasts is because he simply wants to be the best at whatever he does and beat every competition

Bobrisky also revealed that he makes over N600,000 on a weekly basis.

According to him:

“You know when you are doing something and you are not really good at it; you are not perfect at it; it does not really speak well of you.

“So, for me, I’m trying to be perfect in what I do. So, that’s the way it is, people should just accept it the way it is: Bobrisky is growing breasts.

“I’m not doing anything really serious to grow boobs. I’m just eating and taking some pills. It’s just to give us that cleavage look.

“Bobrisky is a brand. I own a brand, money, fame and I think I have more confidence in me. I make over N600 to 700k on a weekly basis.

“I’m going to call myself an entertainer. I’m partially an entertainer and partially a cross-dresser because I put on female attire.

“The reason I’m dressing in female attire is because I want to entertain people. So its still all under entertainment.”

Remember. Bobrisky caused a stir on social media over the weekend when he announced that he was getting married on Sunday and even went further to post the photo of a man, whom he claimed was his groom

The lid was however blown open when it was later discovered that the man is a serving US Senator. This forced Bobrisky to later announce it was just a publicity stunt

Shocking video shows police beating a lady for refusing to allow him check her bag along Warri/Sapele road (video)

Shocking video shows police beating a lady for refusing to allow him check her bag along Warri/Sapele road (video)

A very disturbing video shows a uniformed police officer assaulting a young lady reportedly because she refused to let him search through her bag.

According to Akporhuarho Amen who shared the video on Instagram, they were traveling along the Warri/Sapele road in Delta state when they passed the army checkpoint and a mobile police officer stopped their bus.

The police officer asked one male and one female passenger to come down from the bus. He then searched the male passenger and the female passenger. The police proceeded to ask the female passenger to open her bag and pour the contents on the floor and she reluctantly obeyed, however, she refused to pour the contents of her underwear bag on the floor and he insulted her then beat her up.

“Oga this is wrong, this is not fair,” other passengers are seen telling the officer in the video but this only further provoked him and he raised his gun as if to hit the young lady.

Narrating the incident, Amen wrote:

WE ARE NOT EVEN SAFE WITH THE POLICE… This happened right now on my way to Benin,after the Army check point close to mercy land, police stopped our bus and asked this innocent looking guy n fine girl to come down, searched d guy from head to toe and even searched his phone…. Then searched the girl’s handbag and asked her to pour the content of her travelling bag on the floor (grass), when she insisted that it’s just her pant, clothes and cosmetics that is inside, he started harassing her and insulting her and saying we the passengers are not going anywhere admits our pleadings….. She finally poured the clothes on the floor and insisted that she cannot pour her pant on the floor, then he said the he was no longer looking at it again that we should wait and that she is too small and ugly to be talking to her, before we knew he started slapping her and even raised gun on her.. We couldn’t get the full video because some people were saying they will seize our phones….

Watch the shameful video below.


Get To Know Unai Emery As Arsenal Football Club Unveils The Spaniard As Wenger’s Replacement

Arsenal Football Club of London has unveiled, Unai Emery as its new manager, following the exit of former coach Arsene Wenger after the latter’s 21years spell in with the club.


Emery, the former PSG boss was picked ahead of the pundits favourite, Mikel Arteta. His pedigree and experience both in the domestic leagues and in Europe made him edge out Arteta.

Emery while in France won a treble comprising Ligue 1, the French Cup and French League Cup in his final season and earlier in his career in the Spanish league, won three successive Europa League titles in charge of Sevilla. Arteta who was a former player at the Emirates had been working in the last one year with Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola.

Here are 5 quick facts about the new arsenal coach.

1. Age and nationality

Unai Emery is a Spanish manager who is 46-years-old. He was born on third of November 1971, in Hondarribia, in the Basque region of Spain.

2. Professional Football Career

Emery had a fairly professional football career before he went into management. He started his playing career for the youth set-up of Real Sociedad before his promotion into the first team. He also played for ToledoRacing FerrolLeganés before he retired at Lorca Deportiva in 2004.

3. Managerial career

Emery started his coaching career with Lorca Deportiva, the club he retired from in 2004, where he helped them gain promotion to the second division for the first time in the club’s history.

After his time at Lorca Deportiva, he moved on to coach, Almería, Valencia Spartak Moscow and Sevilla leading the side to three consecutive Europa League titles between 2013 and 2016 although he was unable to win the UEFA Super Cup on two occasions.

4. Emery’s Time at Paris Saint-Germain

Unai Emery moved to coach PSG in June 2016 and during the course of his two-year reign has lifted Ligue 1, two French Cups and two French League Cups


5. Family And Personal Life

His father and grandfather were both goalkeepers while Emery’s uncle, Roman played as a midfielder. Hailing from the Basque region of Spain, Emery, having only managed in his native country, Russia (Spartak Moscow) and France, reportedly doesn’t speak much of English Langauge.

As Meghan Markle Begins Her Life As A Royal, These Are Strict Rules She Must Adhere To

On Saturday, American girl Meghan Markle married Prince Harry of England and became the Duchess of Sussex. It kind of goes without saying but life as she knows it has officially ceased to exist. From galas, balls, public engagements, teas and meetings with Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan is now living a life of royal duties.

While many may see tiaras, gowns and castles when they look at Meghan, the realities of living as a royal and essentially a life of service to the British monarchy involves a very ordered and highly scrutinized existence, filled with a seemingly endless amount of arbitrary etiquette that should not be crossed.

From entering a room in a specific order to making sure not to cross her legs or keeping her skirt a certain length, Meghan will need to adhere to a slew of royal rules to avoid major no-nos or faux pas in order to stay in society and the Queen’s good graces.

1. No Selfies: During her first official event with Prince Harry, Meghan revealed that she would no longer be able to take selfies with fans after a couple asked her to pose.”We’re not allowed to do selfies,” she told the duo, reports the Daily Mirror. The rule was created to encourage people to make eye contact and make conversation with royals, instead of turning their backs on them (a huge no-no) to take a selfie.

Jennifer Gehmair, Royal Family etiquette expert, told Smooth Radio, “Turning your back to the Duke and Duchess and taking a selfie is discouraged if at all possible. I know it’s fun to do, but they much would rather see your face.”

2. No Autographs: She may have some Suits superfans in her past, but these days the new royal isn’t allowed to sign autographs under any circumstances. From here on out its only royal documents and in some rare cases—visitor’s books, according to RoyalUK.com.

3. No Social Media: Meghan’s not allowed to have her own social media page, which is why her own lifestyle blog and Instagram, The Tig, went dark last year.

4. No Dark Nails: According to sources at OK! magazine, Royal Family members are prohibited from wearing dark and coloured nail polish. Meghan wore the Queen’s favourite colour, Essie’s Ballet Slippers, to the Royal Wedding, and we have a feeling that colour is here to stay.

5. No Traveling Without Mourning Clothes: Ever since King George died while the then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in Africa and had to travel back to England in regular clothes, it is imperative that all royals always travel with a set of funeral clothes in order to be respectful.

6. Curtsy Time: The queen expects female family members, including Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles, to curtsy when they enter a room in her presence, even when it’s an informal occasion, which means Meghan better get used to the curtsy. If she is at an official event, Meghan must also curtsy to anyone who outranks her title.

7. No Miniskirts: The queen disapproves of hemlines higher than an inch or two above the knee. Regular female visitors such as Kate, Camilla, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are already aware of the fashion stipulation. If Meghan hasn’t already ditched her little black dresses or her minis, time to throw them out!

8. None of that Crossed-Legged Business: It’s frowned upon for Royal Family members to cross their legs, according to an expert for Hello! You’ll never see Kate Middleton crossing her legs anywhere other than at her angles. Kate often does a side-by-side move known as “the Duchess Slant,” which Princess Diana utilized. Meghan better be working on her Duchess of Sussex slant!

9. No Wedges: The Queen apparently DESPISES wedge shoes, says Vanity Fair.  So get rid of ’em, girl!

10. Mealtime Is at 8:30: If dining the queen, Meghan should be prepared to always eat at 8:30 and dinner will be over by 10. The Queen is known for strictly adhering to her royal schedule.

11. No Open Seating: At a Royal Family gathering, Meghan will always be sat next to Prince Harry.

12. No Room Raiding: There is a strict code of conduct for how to enter a room when you are with the Royals. Here’s the royal order: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camila, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and then most likely, Prince Harry and Markle, according to Reader’s Digest.

13. Don’t Eat Before the Queen or After the Queen: Markle should not begin eating her meal until the Queen has started hers, StyleCaster reports. The former Suits star also needs to keep her eyes peeled—for when the Queen stops eating, everyone must stop eating, even if there is still food.
Diane Gottsman, who wrote Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, told Bravo that there are strict rules when eating with the leading lady of England.
“No one should start eating before the Monarch and no one should carry on eating after the Monarch has finished,” Gottsman said.

14. No Sleeping ‘Til the Queen Sleeps: If Markle stays at the Queen’s house, she’s gotta stay up until QE2 falls asleep, so says the Daily Beast. Apparently, it’s considered bad form to call it a night before the monarch. Luckily, the Queen isn’t known for throwing all night-ragers so Markle likely will be able to hit the hay before midnight.

15. Do Not Pass Go: Monopoly is not allowed. According to Reader’s Digest, in 2008, the Leeds Building Society gave the Duke of York Prince Andrew the game of Monopoly to which he responded, “We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious.” Looks like all of Meghan’s get out of jail cards have been used up.

16. No Pinkies Out: Tea time is an important time for royals. Etiquette expert Myka Meier told People that the correct way to drink tea is to use your thumb and index finger to hold the top of the handle, while the middle finger supports the bottom. You should also sip from the same spot the entire time so that the rim doesn’t get lipstick stains. If you are a coffee drinker, you should loop your index finger through the handle. But beware—no pinkies out. Even the royals draw the line somewhere.

17. No Shellfish For You: It’s an ancient royal tradition to say no to shellfish in order to avoid food poisoning. While the royal family doesn’t always adhere to that rule, Queen Elizabeth still does. Let’s be honest, the 92-year-old loves her traditions. Since it’s only a few days in, it’s still unclear if Meghan will be allowed to feast on the exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates now that she’s no longer a mere mortal. But perchance she’s already thrown out her hunger for molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms, along with those Godforsaken wedges.


This post first appeared on www.citypeopleonline.com

Kemi Olunloyo replies Linda Ikeji, reveals that she is wearing moonbump, shares more details

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has replied blogger, Linda Ikeji after she shared evidence of her pregnancy on social media earlier today.

Recall that while many were happy for Linda Ikeji after she shared the news of her pregnancy on social media, Kemi Olunloyo reacted by revealing that the pregnancy was fake and just a publicity stunt.

Linda Ikeji reacted by sharing photos of her bare baby bump while addressing some other issues to quench the claims, but it appears that Kemi is not backing down and instead she has mad some videos and shared some images on social media to buttress her cliams.

Kemi revealed that Linda is not pregnant and that the baby bump she flaunted while not putting on any top is fake. According to her, such baby bump is called moonbump.

She spoke of how she has details of the receipt of the moonbump Linda Ikeji purchased and that she’s getting her information from a certain Mary Ann, a friend to Laura (Ikeji).

Kemi Olunloyo wrote:

@officiallindaikeji What’s my business? I’m an entertainment reporter of 10 years out of my 24yrs in journalism. Public figures have no private lives. U blogged gossip about people & that got you on CNN, @hnnamanda even did a post congratulating u. PLS don’t do back and forth with me darling. I specifically closed this topic last nite. Had to open a can of worms
💋Stop parading your fake bump on SM. 💋 Tell ur fans the truth and educate them. This is the only thing I despise about you. You don’t educate them, share knowledge and teach blogging. Like you said to #Charlyboy you want to “have it all” TO YOURSELF abi?
💋Stop gifting an unborn baby a Bentley. Be discreet with certain things. Most of ur fans have not eaten today. My fans fed me today, I went to the supermarket on Facebook @hnnafrica. I have no money, suffering from a mental illness called #PTSD caused by my wrongful abduction, attempted assassination and imprisonment just for doing my work. On top of that my passport which is directly tied to my job still seized by a federal judge who has not dropped the case on his side because someone “wants to confess.” 💋Linda honey you are a STAR!!⭐ and that’s why I promote you, announced your 100k donation to my travel legal fund, called Larry page to drop a volcano on Google Nigeria to reinstate your blog at midnight and even talked to producers at CNN secretly to profile you. I want more #HNNWomenNG👩💋💪💅 to conquer out there. Pathetic lying is a mental disease. You can buy anything today EXCEPT integrity. Sadly most of your fans are illiterates. Many are on my page today laying curses. I won’t curse them back. I’m a daughter of Sango the God of Thunder. Our third Alaafin of Oyo. Struck by lightning twice and I’m still alive, when you lay a curse on me, it goes directly to the one you are fighting for. Linda remember #AngelaOkorie who said I will die soon? Look what Sango did to her. She was almost killed on her birthday by armed robbers. Call your fans to order. 💋This mental disorder I’m battling does something unusual to me. It makes me spill too much truth. I need to get away from Nigeria soon. God Bless💞”


Wizkid begs his fans to vote for Davido as BET’s Best International Act

Wizkid begs his fans to vote for Davido as BET’s Best International ActMonths after Wizkid and Davido settled, the bromance is still alive and happily growing as we can imagine.

Wizkid took to his instagram account to canvass for votes for his colleague, Davido who recently got nominated in the upcoming BET Award show.

His supposed bestie, Tiwa Savage, was also nominated in the same category as Davido, and after posting Davido’s photo, Wizkid also asked his 5.1 million fans to go vote for Tiwa.

He wrote; “Oya my people! Go vote my guy @davidoofficial . Y’all know he deserves it. He put in work🙏🏾 #OneAfrica! #TogetherwePush”

On Tiwa’s case, he wrote; “Oya don’t dull!! Vote da Hardest working woman i know @tiwasavage !! #OneAfrica! 🌹🙏🏾 #Togetherwepush”

#BBNaija: Cee-c reveals how she is getting familiar to being called ‘Most Bitter Woman In Nigeria’ (Video)

#BBNaija: Cee-c reveals how she is getting familiar to being called ‘Most Bitter Woman In Nigeria’ (Video)Big Brother Naija 2018 Finalist, Cee-c in a recent interview with Pulse TV said she hasn’t completely gotten used to random people coming up to her and asking for a photo, she is grateful for the love she is getting.

Speaking of her reactions upon seeing how people saw her, Cee C said though she was shocked at some things she found out, like ‘the most bitter woman’, Cee C is all about learning from the atom of truth and moving past the rest.

Watch the interview below:

R. Kelly accused of sexual battery, false Imprisonment & Transmitting Sexual Disease in new lawsuit filed in by a Nigerian Entertainment lawyer

 R. Kelly accused of sexual battery, false Imprisonment & Transmitting Sexual Disease in new lawsuit filed in by a Nigerian Entertainment lawyer

A Nigerian Entertainment lawyer, Lydia Agu C. Hills, has filed a new lawsuit against singer R. Kelly, alleging sexual battery, false imprisonment and failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease.


The lawsuit was filed Monday in a Manhattan court on behalf of a woman who says she was 19 when she began a relationship with R. Kelly.

According to the New York Times, the complaint, a Texas woman Faith A. Rodgers who seeks unspecified damages claims the two met when she was 19 last March following a concert in San Antonio. A few months of phone contact followed before Kelly flew her out to New York, where he allegedly “initiated unwanted sexual contact” in a hotel room, including “non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse.” Rodgers claims Kelly did not tell her that he had herpes and infected her with the virus, which if true is a criminal act.

Rodgers also alleged that she stayed in a relationship with Kelly for about a year, during which he “routinely engaged in intimidation, mental, verbal and sexual abuse, during and after sexual contact.” This was “behavior designed to humiliate, embarrass, intimate and shame her,” according to the lawsuit. It also alleges Kelly would often record Rodgers during sex without her consent and keep her locked in secluded areas to punish and control her.

The complaint is the latest of several recent sexual misconduct allegations that have been brought against Kelly, including claims of imprisonment and grooming young women to join his reported “sex cult.”

Speaking to Billboard, Rodgers’ attorney Lydia C said, “We want to make sure that we do justice for our client. This behavior of Mr. Kelly’s is not new, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone. But our ultimate goal is getting justice for her.”

Lydia also took to her Facebook page to confirm that she’s representing the victim allegedly involved in the sexual assault.

She wrote: ‘Within minutes of filing this lawsuit today, it has been picked up by numerous media outlets. I’m proudly representing this victim of abuse and look forward to bringing her the justice and peace she deserves.’

 R. Kelly accused of sexual battery, false Imprisonment & Transmitting Sexual Disease in new lawsuit filed in by a Nigerian Entertainment lawyer

A Royal Wedding guest succeeds in selling her royal wedding gift bag on eBay for £21,400

A Royal Wedding guest succeeds in selling her royal wedding gift bag on eBay for ?21,400

Days ago, it was revealed that some royal wedding guests were seen trying to sell off their royal wedding gift bags on eBay (read here).

Well, one of the royal wedding guests has found a buyer willing to have her wedding gift bag for a whopping sum of £21,400.

Claire Oliver, 31, was one of the 1,200 non-VIPs invited to spend the day outside St George’s Chapel as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married on Saturday. She is from Cambridge but lives in south-east London and works in HR for Troup Bywaters, an engineering group heavily involved in offering apprenticeships to get more young people in work – a cause close to Harry’s heart.

On the day of the wedding, she filmed herself twirling with joy in the grounds of St. George Chapel and tweeted: “I got to watch the royal wedding right outside Windsor Castle in this amazing setting. Such an amazing day #Golden ticket #Royal connections.”


A Royal Wedding guest succeeds in selling her royal wedding gift bag on eBay for ?21,400


Hours after the wedding, she posted her free commemorative gift bag on eBay. She has now gotten a buyer who bought it for £21,400.

The canvas bags inscribed with the Harry and Meghan’s initials contained a souvenir wedding order of service and welcome letter from Meghan and Harry, other freebies included a bottle of Windsor Castle water, a giant chocolate coin, a tin of shortbread and a voucher for 20 per cent off in the castle shop.

A Royal Wedding guest succeeds in selling her royal wedding gift bag on eBay for ?21,400

Nigerian lawmakers propose N2m fine and Two-year jail term for Codeine and Tramadol abuse

Nigerian lawmakers propose N2m fine and Two-year jail term for Codeine and Tramadol abuse

An amendment bill passed in the House of Representatives yesterday proposed a N2 million fine and a two-year jail term for abuse of tramadol and codeine.


The bill, which seeks to amend the Food, Drugs and Related Products (Registration, etc) Act Cap. F33 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 to review the penalties and confer jurisdiction on High Court of the state to try offences under the Act, was sponsored by Betty Apiafi (Betty Apiafi ,PDP Rivers) passed second reading yesterday.


During the debate, Apiafi said: “ In Nigeria, between January and December 2015, one thousand and forty-four (1044) patients were admitted for treatment in the 11 treatment centers currently part of e Nigeria Epidemiological Network  of Drug Use ( NENDU)  reporting system”.


She stated that since 2015, Codeine has nearly overtaken Tramadol as the most abused opiate in Nigeria. “Thousands of young people in Nigeria are addicted to Codeine cough syrup- a medicine that has become a street drug. Three million bottles are are drunk everyday in Nigeria’s North alone, according to a recent Nigerian government report.”


The new bill stipulates penalties for individuals up to the tune of N500,000 or a prison term of two years or both; and in the case of a corporate body, all the directors, managers, partners, trustees  would be guilty of an offence and would be punished as if they committed the offence themselves.