BBN housemate, Cee-C is not done yet with Alex ‘for bringing problems between her and Tobi’..See what she was caught doing to her (Video)

BBN housemate, Cee-C is not done yet with Alex

Earlier today, Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C blamed her fellow contestant Alex for causing problems between her and Tobi, ever since she was paired with him.

At their arena game this evening, a pissed Cee-C was caught giving Alex a disgusting look while they sat close to each other.

Watch the video below.

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah shows off her newly acquired Maserati

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah shows off her newly acquired Maserati?

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah took to Instagram to show off her newly acquired Maserati with a customized Plate number – Jackie 8-18.

‘In all things, be grateful. Work Hard and Play Hard. ?MASERATI personal shopper,’ She captioned her post.

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah shows off her newly acquired Maserati?

Congrats to her!

BB Naija 2018: Cee C And Ifu Ennada Fight Over Who Is More Endowed In The House

The BB Naija 2018 house was heated this morning when housemates Ifu Ennada and Cee C got into a heated argument about who has the best body between Cee C and Alex.

It all started when Ifu Ennada compared Cee C and Alex’s body saying Cee C has only hips but no burst while Alex is complete. This did not go down well with Cee C who called Ifu out on it.

Cee C’s partner, Lolu meanwhile had to calm Cee C down by reminding her she already has three strikes when she started using swear words, which has been banned in the house for a week.

Watch their argument.

Comedian Alibaba Celebrates 30th Anniversary In Style As He Plans To Give Away 30 Million Naira To 30 People

Alibaba is known as one of the fathers of Nigerian Comedy and he is proud to be celebrating 30 years in the entertainment industry.

The comedian is going to be celebrating 30 years as a comedian in a special way, and that is by giving back to the society.

He announced on his Instagram page  that he would be giving out 30 million naira to 30 people under 30 to develop their business. That is a lot of 30 but Alibaba is using this cause to help develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among youths and give them a chance.

Alibaba has not given further details of when he would start but 30 lucky people will be glad to benefit from this opportunity.

 Congratulations on 30 great years in the industry Alibaba.

Read His post.

The Eagle has landed…

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Nollywood Actors Not Good Enough To Feature In “Black Panther”- Bisi Alimi Says Genevieve Nnaji Can’t Act

Nollywood Actors Not Good Enough To Feature In "Black Panther"- Bisi Alimi Says Genevieve Can't ActNigerian LGBT activist, Bisi Alimi believes Nigerian actors are not good enough to feature in the Hollywood blockbuster movie,’Black Panther’.

Bisi Alimi stated this after Nigerians queried the producers for not featuring a Nollywood actor in the movie.

He wrote;

“The idea that their should have been a Nigerians actor in Black Panther is ludicrous. I am going to say this, as a matter of fact, there is no actor (male or female) in Nigeria that can act at such quality.

Black Panther was not about “screaming and shouting”, it was about “acting” and those are not the same thing. And don’t get me started at Nnaji (Genevieve Nnaji), she cannot act.

He added;

The industry can be better, but they also need to know and accept they are rubbish at the moment and then go for training, I mean like quality training. In a country that gave us Nollywood to think we don’t have a specialist drama school? It’s sad.

Snapchat’s market value dropped by $1.5 billion after Kylie Jenner tweeted she doesn’t use the app anymore

Snapchat?s market value dropped by $1.5 billion after Kylie Jenner tweeted she doesn?t use the app anymore

Snapchat’s parent company lost some $1.3 billion in market value on Thursday after reality star Kylie Jenner tweeted the above message asking if she was the only person who no longer uses Snapchat.


She later followed up with “still love you tho snap … my first love”


Snap Inc.’s shares fell by over six percent in Thursday’s trading, a loss of about $1.3 billion in market capitalization dropping almost 8%. The company’s shares are now back near the $17 price at which the shares were listed when the company floated on the stock market.

He spoke out of anger and made a mistake – Seyi Law begs Nigerians to forgive BBN 2017 winner, Efe

He spoke out of anger and made a mistake - Seyi Law begs Nigerians to forgive BBN 2017 winner, Efe

2017 winner of Big Brother Naija, Efe, in a series of posts on Twitter, called out his ‘former’ fans who according to him have choosen to criticise his music career. He said he is done pleasing them as their money expired the day BBN ended. Read story here.

Soon after the Tweets, Nigerians took to various Social media platform including his Instagram page to drag and tag him  ‘ungrateful’.

Comedian Seyi Law has now asked Nigerians to forgive Efe, saying he reacted out of anger. See his post below…

When the world hurts you in criticism in the name of fans and wants you to take it in good faith, forgetting that words kill faster than the guns, but won’t take your words in the same light. When the world makes a man lose his willpower to his own choice and don’t expect him to fight back, but would prefer he is drained in their own choice. The sadness and fear that enveloped me is killing.
There is no doubt there is a place for the fans and as an artiste, you must be cautious of how you walk there. @efemoney has spoken out of anger and made a mistake which might be justified, but could be avoided. We all make mistakes and he who is above them can crucify me. He has chosen a path for himself and you care too much trying to help him avoid mistakes, don’t be the one to make him make more of it.
Let’s forgive him and let him grow and he might just learn to do it right or decide to let it get all go, but let him have a say in his own life. I apologise on his behalf to those hurt and hope we can all embrace peace.

Every man to his life, let him live. God bless you.

He spoke out of anger and made a mistake - Seyi Law begs Nigerians to forgive BBN 2017 winner, Efe

Americans are focused on the wrong thing, guns aren’t your problem – Dencia

Americans are focused on the wrong thing, guns aren?t your problem - Dencia

With the incessant gun violence in America and the series of protests and calls for gun control that erupted after the Florida shooting last week, Dencia feels the country is focused on the wrong thing.


According to the controversial singer, ‘Americans are focused on the wrong thing, guns aren’t ur problem. A hurt person will find a way to hurt the people or person who hurt them.Teach love,stop the bullies.They’ll use other things to hurt people,kids are mean AF, humans are inhuman & treat each other like shit’.

Americans are focused on the wrong thing, guns aren?t your problem - Dencia

OAP Daddy Freeze criticizes Black Panther Movie

OAP Daddy Freeze criticizes Black Panther MovieBlack Panther is the most talked about movie at the moment with lots of positive reviews, but, as expected, there are also negatives reviews.

OAP Freeze is one of those who has a thing against the movie. The radio host believes the movies doesn’t add any significant value to Black people. Above all, he explained it isn’t black people who will be making money from the movie, but the White producer and financier.

He wrote;

“She is right, the overhyped movie is neither promoting black culture nor adding any significant value to us… They are using our sentiments to cash in, while the real money makers are the producers, the marketers and the financier….. and they ain’t us! ~FRZ. #FreeTheSheeple”

10 Times Birthday Girl, Adesua Etomi Has Shown She Is A Fashion Icon

Today is Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi Wellington’s birthday and we are celebrating her by rounding up our favourite looks from her over the years.

The actress is your classic example of beauty, brains and style and she has shown that she know how to dress right for any occasion and life couldn’t be any better as the actress turns 30 today. These are 1o favourite looks of Adesua Etomi.

1. Adesua looked graceful at the premiere of The wedding Party 2

2. Adesua looked beautiful in this blue gown for 10 Days In Sun City premiere


3. Adesua in a white jumpsuit and blue looks gorgeous

4. Adesua in a green gown at the 2016 AMVCA Awards was to be remembered

5. The red peplum and natural hair made her skin stand out.

6. This retro look with Agbada is one to not forget

7. Who would forget Adesua’s dress to he after party of her wedding

8. A bridal shower in a dress that could pass for the red carpet.


9. Adesua’s dress for her engagement became an inspiration for many designers making it iconic

10. #BAAD2017 was a statement itself and she made it memorable with her outfits

BB Naija Housemates’ Baby Dolls Transform To Adult Babies After ‘Clinic Visit’

Remember how the housemates were given baby dolls to take care of by Big Brother? Well he just made things more interesting by giving the housemates adult babies to take care of.

Biggie gathered the co-parents in the lounge to inform them that he was taking their babies for a clinic visit and would return them later.

As a Task, Biggie announced that it was time for the babies to go to the clinic to receive vitamins. No sooner said than done, four Ninjas entered the House to collect the babies and all their paraphernalia – cots, toys, balloons, bottles – clearing the lounge from a mountain of stuff.

A few minutes later, Big Brother called the housemates to get ready to welcome back their babies. Yet again, Big Brother proved that he never runs short of tricks. The babies who re-entered the house, had considerably grown into young adults, a phenomenon that Biggie attributed to the wonders that vitamins do to babies. Flabbergasted housemates could barely believe what was unfolding under their eyes, they looked visibly baffled at the sight of seven teenagers and young adults emerging from the elevator dressed in white onesies complete with babies’ bibs and sucking on dummies. General hilarity ensued as the grown up babies all wore the names of their parents tied around the neck, and so helped housemates identify who was their baby.

It clearly is one thing to deal with baby dolls as loud as the cries were, and another thing altogether to look after a baby who is taller and bigger than you: Anto who was slouched in the sofa all this time, pulled a long face when her eyes met her son’s eyes, a full head taller skinny young man. Leo on the other hand seemed to have a hard time soothing his peachy-skinned daughter, while Rico was seated on the carpet playing with his much taller and curvaceous daughter who seemed uninterested in his efforts, until he gave her a piggy-back ride. As for Teddy A he was the direct recipient of Ahneeka’s suspicious looks when he lifted his attractive long-legged daughter up in the air to swing her around.

To pacify the children and the parents alike, Ifu Ennada walked in the lounge with snacks that she distributed to all. Yet it didn’t bring any calm to the room.

Watch their antics below.

What do you think about the grown babies and their double wahala for housemates?

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Drake shows off his new $7m Ferrari La Ferrari sports car in LA (Photos)

Drake shows off his new $7m Ferrari La Ferrari sports car in LA (Photos)

Canadian rapper, Drake has added a new whip to his garage.

The 31-year-old rapper was recently seen leaving ‘The Nice Guy’ bar with a friend in his brand new Yellow ‘Ferrari LaFerrari’ Sports car in Los Angeles, CA.

The whip is said to cost around $7million.

Drake shows off his new $7m Ferrari La Ferrari sports car in LA (Photos)

According to reports, Drake also owns a $2 million Bugatti Veyron, (the 2010 Sang Noir Edition), a droptop white Bentley Continental GTC, an S-Class coupe-based Brabus, a custom Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and a white custom Rolls Royce Phantom. He also owns a McLaren 675LT as well as a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Convertible among others.

Drake shows off his new $7m Ferrari La Ferrari sports car in LA (Photos)

Earlier this month, Drake donated $25k to Miami High School, gave $50k scholarship to a college student & $50k to a women’s homeless shelter.

The rapper who’s currently on a giving spree also surprised a 63-year-old hotel maid from Miami to a $10,000 shopping spree, massage, and dinner. In his new music video ‘God’s Plan,’ he also gave away $1million in cash to people in Miami, where the video was shot.

Photos from E-Money’s lavish birthday at Five Star Mansion

Photos from E-Money

On Sunday 18th February, 2018 Nigerian billionaire business man and chairman of Five Star Music group, Emeka Okonkwo ‘E-Money’ was a year older.


He hosted friends and family to a lavish house party at his Five Star Mansion, in Omole Phase 2, Lagos. The party was attended by celebrities like AY, Ubi Franklin, Kcee,

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Photos from E-Money

Beverly Osu Reveals How She Almost Wrecked A Home

This is a clear case of desiring what you can not have.

Beverly Osu has shared how her Instagram stories how an elderly man revealed that he had fights and arguments with his wife because of his love for her. According to the actress, he said his wife blocked her from his Twitter and Facebook account but his son opened another secret one for him where he continued his followership.

See her post:


‘Your money expired the day the show ended’ – BBN 2017 winner, Efe drags people criticizing his music career

Efe was considered humble during the 2nd edition of Big Brother Naija and this won the hearts of people who supported him all through till he won the 25m cash prize.

Months after, he’s trying to push his music career forward and is not here for the criticism, some from his ‘former’ fans, against him. More tweets below.